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If you are curious about what is a sex stone, you’ve come to the right place. Stones like Citrine, Shiva Lingam, Red Jasper and Orange Calcite have various virtues that are good for the sex life. Morgane Jorge, the founder of Stones Club, has made a list of crystals and their virtues. Read on to discover why these crystals are good for the sex life.

Orange Calcite

Wearing Orange Calcite in your bedroom is a good way to increase your sexual energy. It also improves your libido and helps you relax sexual impotence. It brings uplifting energies into your life and improves your confidence. This crystal is also effective for boosting your fertility. You should wear it in the groin area for best results. If you are interested in wearing a sex stone for a partner, Orange Calcite is the right choice.

Red Jasper

A sex stone with powerful properties, Red Jasper will boost your libido and improve your sexual desire. It also improves fertility and potency. For many people, the idea of having sex with another person is intimidating. Red Jasper can ease your anxiety about sexual encounters. If you’re struggling with sexual issues, Red Jasper may be the perfect sex stone for you.

Shiva Lingam

If you are looking for a sex stone, Shiva Lingam can give you the results you are seeking. It increases sex drive and sexual satisfaction, and can be a helpful tool for people who have trouble expressing themselves sexually. You may be wondering how this stone works, but you can read more about its benefits below. You can also learn how to use it to enhance your sexual life.


The benefits of citrine in relationships also extend to sexual interactions. It helps to maintain open communication channels, rekindles passion, and eases negativity. Its lightness and radiance encourages laughter and love in sex. It encourages a positive attitude, making it easier to find the right approach for any situation. And, when it comes to sex, it’s said to help position the heart for pleasure.


Amethyst is a common choice for lovers, who wish to create a harmonious and loving atmosphere with their partners. Its calming properties make it a popular choice for lovers, and it can be used as a jewelry stone as well. A necklace or bracelet adorned with the crystal can enhance intimacy and attraction, and help you achieve a deeper level of intimacy. Amethyst is also popular in intimate accessories, including lingerie and breast adornment.


If you’re wondering if selenite is a sex stone, think again. The soft and gentle crystal is known to have many properties, including reducing anxiety and stress, promoting optimism, and cleansing dirty EMFs. It is also said to have many positive effects on a woman’s disposition, enhancing her ability to love and create. Among the most popular uses of selenite are in meditation, rituals, and visualization practices.

Black Onyx

While there is no definitive proof that Black Onyx helps with sex, it has many benefits for both men and women. It enhances assertiveness, helps you speak your truth, and protects you from manipulation. Its black color is often compared to the night sky, and is thought to soothe anxiety and promote balance in a person’s life. It also aids in self-discipline issues.

Red Garnet

The stone of sex and intimacy, Red Garnet is an ideal sexstone for improving sexual prowess and overcoming low libido. This stone can boost energy levels, promote physical intimacy, and strengthen the connection between a couple. The powerful energy it gives the wearer can help fight fatigue and focus on positive thoughts. Whether you’re looking to boost your sex drive or strengthen your bond with your partner, garnet can help.

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