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how to say have sex with me in spanish

There are many double meanings for the words “cueco/a,” “culantron,” and “mariquita.” Regardless of the country you’re speaking to, it’s possible to find the correct way to express these ideas. Below are some examples of the appropriate wording in each situation. Cueco/a is the most common Spanish word for “coker”, which means to take a taxi.


“Cueco/a to have sex” in Spanish means “to have” or “with me.” The word for me is pronounced like the English word for woman, cueco. Cueco is a common word in the Spanish language and means “with me.” This phrase is a little different from English, however. “Cueco/a” is a more common way to say “to have sex.”

Bicho is used as a pejorative in Venezuela. It can also be used as a slang version of “kids” in El Salvador and Nicaragua. It is often used to refer to the vagina in the Dominican Republic. It is also used to refer to someone who’s unsavory or has a negative impact on other people. Similarly, “lavahuevos” means a lesbian or drag queen. These words are often used as friendly references among gays.

The word “cabron” is also a good choice. Cabron can mean amazing, phenomenal, or badass, depending on the context. Its opposite is a bad or annoying word. It can also mean “to piss off”. Whether you’re looking for a man to have sex with or a woman to piss off, it’s the perfect word for the job.


The word ‘culantron’ can have many different meanings depending on where you’re from. For example, it can mean ‘big ass’ in Spanish and can refer to a woman or a man who is horny. Depending on where you’re from, you may also use this word to describe the place where you are having sex. Depending on the language you’re speaking from, you can even make the word “chichi” mean anything from a young woman to urine.

There are several other words for “sexual intercourse” that you can use to make it more fun for your partner. These words include: “el tren” (a pun to the stomach), “despiche” (a bad time), and ‘el caballo’ (a tacky school dance).

You may also want to try ‘Punto’, which is a vulgar expression that means “fist”. It can also refer to male masturbation. If you’re looking for a more subtle way of saying ‘culantron,’ you can try “punetero”.


The term marica is used to refer to a gay person or one who doesn’t fit the masculine stereotype. Often used as a curse word, this Spanish term means sissy or faggot. However, in Colombian Spanish, it means “brother” or “mate” or even “pal.” Mariquita also has an Indian heritage, but it shows up only in her slim supple frame. Her father would never approve of her having sex with a man because she was a girl.

The word mariquita means “little ladybug” or “magpie”. Another meaning is big butterfly. The word mariposa also means “big butterfly.” It’s an insult to homophobia, which is why so many people are uncomfortable with saying this in Spanish. The word mariquita is often translated as “beautiful.”

Mariquita lived her life in the atmosphere around her. She saw everyone and everything with living interest, and she saw beyond it with a deeper interest. She lived in the moment and had a deep sense of belonging. Her presence would have been felt by those around her. She didn’t know what to say or how to say it, so her words would make the most sense. Mariquita was not the typical naughty girl.

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