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how to have standing sex

If you’ve always wanted to try standing sex, but you’re not sure how to achieve the desired position, there are several simple ways to do it. If you’re on a hard floor, place a folded towel or pillow beneath your giving partner’s knees. If you’re on a soft surface, you can use a table top. Standing sex is also fun in the shower and can be done with any partner, whether it’s male or female.

Stand with one knee or foot resting on the bed

When you are in a tight space, it can be tricky to have sex while standing. Standing can be dangerous and it can cause you to topple over. This is where a sex pillow or stool can come in handy. If you’re having a hard time getting up on your own, try using a foot or knee prop to get up in a standing position. You can also use a sex pillow to prop up your front or bottom. Using one of these will help keep you from falling down on your partner.

While standing sex is a full-body workout, it can be particularly uncomfortable for people with injured or inflamed knees. To avoid this, physical therapists suggest using extra props like pillows to provide cushioning for your body. The extra padding on your knees will also make it easier to get into the right position. When you’re seated, make sure you’re facing your partner and don’t move your head.

Bend over

When you’re in bed, one of the best sex positions is to bend over. This position makes it easier to access your partner’s clitoris and tightens your vaginal walls. It is also incredibly lazy, but can help you reach orgasm faster. If you’re a shorter woman, try sitting on a low table, counter, or sink. You’ll find that this is much more comfortable for you.

For a fun variation on standing sex, kneel in front of your partner while you’re still standing. Kneel in front of a mirror while you’re performing oral sex is also a fun option. While standing, you’ll want to find a comfortable spot that’s private and safe. You can pick up some of the necessary supplies at your local drugstore. While you’re at it, experiment with a few different positions until you find the perfect position.

Hold onto a table top

To perform standing sex, you need to spread your legs wide. You can hold onto a doorknob or tabletop for balance. You can also hold onto a wall or a piece of furniture. Standing face-to-face is more intimate than lying down and allows you to give more kisses and affection. To perform standing sex, you can also use a shower curtain railing.

To practice holding onto a table top to have standing g-sex, get your partner to stand close to you. Make sure your partner is comfortable and does not feel any muscle strain. Once you are in position, you can lie on a table with your back resting on the edge and the other person resting on the table with their hips resting on the edge. As you move closer, you can reach over their legs and penetrate them in a rhythmic manner.

Reverse sex in the shower

Reverse sex in the shower is a fun and safe way to give your partner the best experience possible. Typically, you should be sitting on a shower bench with your partner facing you, while the other partner stands behind you. In the standing position, you can reach your partner’s nipples and clitoris with your hand, and the other person can support you with your arm. To avoid falling, you can also use lubricant or dildos with suction cups to prevent slipping.

If you are a beginner, you may want to start by experimenting with different positions. Try the classic bend-over position, where you lie down with your arms in front of you, then bend over slightly and allow your partner to enter you doggy-style. Another good position is to put your hands on the wall to help balance. If your partner prefers to lean forward over the sink, you can also use it to your advantage by caressing his back.

Variations of standing sex

If both partners are in good physical shape and are willing to take on the challenge of standing sex, you’ll find this variation to be a satisfying experience. Standing sex is highly pleasurable due to biomechanics, positioning, and appearance. However, the images of standing sex in pop culture can make the experience seem like a repetitive in-and-out thrusting session. In reality, standing sex involves hitting different angles and depths of penetration and pleasure.

In a typical stand-up sex position, a man stands behind his female partner and supports her upper body with his hands. This method is considered spine-sparing, so it won’t exacerbate any pain that may occur from posture or motion. In a second variation, the male supports the woman’s elbows and holds her close while she reclines her knees and hips. In both variations, the male will support the woman’s weight, strengthening her core muscles and arm muscles.

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